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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Determinants of household's intention to choose electricity bill payment service through banks: evidence from dak mil electricityLe, Thi Minh Duc; Nguyen, Thi Nha Ca
2024-06Developing strategy for digital marketing activities at Novahub Digital One Member Liability Company LimitedLe, Thi Minh Duc; Tran, Le Dieu Huyen
2023E-commerce Operations ManagementLe, Thi Minh Duc
2021Enhancing the performance of e- buisiness at PFT telecom JSC, DanNang branchLe, Thi Minh Duc; Le, Nguyen Truc Gia Khang
2023-06Factors Affecting Online Purchase Intention: The Case of FM Style.Le, Thi Minh Duc; Nguyen, Thi Y Nhi
2024-06Factors affecting online repurchase intention: An empirical study on Van Hung Minh Limited CompanyLe, Thi Minh Duc; Bui, The Hung
2022Factors Affecting Purchase Intention Through Facebook: The Case Of Dngbike CompanyLe, Thi Minh Duc; Nguyen, Thi Hong Vinh
2023-06Impact of service quality on customer loyalty: a study on sales management software of Sapo Technology JSC.Le, Thi Minh Duc; Tran, Le Tu Khanh
2024-06Research on factors affecting customer satisfaction when shopping on the E-commerce platform of Sky Viet Visa & Media CompanyLe, Thi Minh Duc; Nguyen, Tra Giang
2021Solutions for social media marketing of thcmedia trading and service joint stock companyLe, Thi Minh Duc; Tran, Xuan Phuong
2021Solutions to increase e-marketing effectiveness of Tuan Nguyen Travel companyLe, Thi Minh Duc; Lai, Thi Tu Nu
2017Testing Techonology Acceptance Model on the Acceptance of ERP systems by end-users of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in VietnamLe, Thi Minh Duc
2022The Impacts Of E-Service Quality And Consumer Trust On Intention To Use E-Marketing Services: Focused On Tong Luc Communication Technology Company LimitedLe, Thi Minh Duc; Nguyen, Thanh Tuyen
2021-03-18User acceptance of enterprise resource planning systems: a study in small and medium enterprises in VietnamLe, Thi Minh Duc