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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-07A New Approach for Enhancing MVDR Beamformer’s PerformanceNguyen, Ba Huy; Pham, Tuan Anh; Quan, Trong The; Dang, Dai Tho
2022-01An Effective Method for Determining Consensus in Large CollectivesDang, Dai Tho; Nguyen, Thanh Ngo; Hwang, Dosam
2022-07An Utilizing of Spectral Mask to Enhance GSC BeamformerPham, Tuan Anh; Dang, Dai Tho; Quan, Trong The; Nguyen, Ba Huy
2023-08Analysis on the performance of reconfigurable intelligent surface-aided free-space optical link under atmospheric turbulence and pointing errorsDuong, Huu Ai; Dang, Dai Tho; Nguyen, Vu Anh Quang; Nguyen, Van Loi
2022-12Application of Computer Vision in CommunicationDang, Dai Tho; Duong, Van Hieu
2024-02Average symbol error rate analysis of reconfigurable intelligent surfaces based free-space optical link over Weibull distribution channelsDuong, Huu Ai; Dang, Dai Tho; Vuong, Cong Dat; Nguyen, Van Loi; Luong, Khanh Ty
2023-02Average symbol error rate analysis of reconfigurable intelligent surfaces-assisted free-space optical link over log-normal turbulence channelsDuong, Huu Ai; Vuong, Cong Dat; Dang, Dai Tho
2021Build ai app for images analysisDang, Dai Tho; Dinh, Xuan Hai
2024-01Building a Tour Booking SystemDang, Dai Tho; Ha, Cong Nhan
2024-01Building an E-commerce WebsiteDang, Dai Tho; Nguyen, Thi Oanh
2023-02Building Virtual AssistantsDang, Dai Tho; Nguyen, Phan Thanh Cong
2022-12Developing a Recommendation System for Electronic ComponentsDang, Dai Tho; Pham, Duy
2022-04Hybrid genetic algorithms for the determination of DNA motifs to satisfy postulate 2-OptimalityDang, Dai Tho; Nguyen, Ngoc Thanh; Hwang, Dosam
2021-08Improving the neural network model in combination with a big semantic-enriched corpus for building an English - Vietnamese semantic-oriented machine translation systemNguyen, Van Binh; Huynh, Cong Phap; Dang, Dai Tho
2022-12Research and Apply Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain ManagementDang, Dai Tho; Mai, Xuan Thuong
2023-07Using Deep Learning for Obscene Language Detection in Vietnamese Social MediaDang, Dai Tho; Tran, Xuan Thang; Huynh, Cong Phap; Nguyen, Ngoc Thanh