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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-06A Buffer Based Scheme for SQLite on NAND Flash MemoryHo, Van Phi; Tran, Van Dai; Le, Kim Trong
2020-11A Novel Overflowing Mechanism for B-tree Index on Flash MemoryHo, Van Phi
2024-01Build an E-commerce website that integrates a Recommendation SystemHo, Van Phi; Nguyen, Dinh Hoang
2024-01Building a dating applicationHo, Van Phi; Le, Dinh Khanh
2024-01Building an application to classify gender, age, and emotion using Deep LearningHo, Van Phi; Le, Dac Khoa
2024-01Building and implementing a Fashion business system integrated Artificial IntelligenceHo, Van Phi; Dang, Thi Mai Huong
2021Building e-commerce system for salesmanHo, Van Phi; Le, Nhat Quang; Nguyen, Quang Nho; Dang, Thanh Thuy
2022-12Building System Face Recognition Supports AttendanceHo, Van Phi; Nguyen, Viet Nam; Le, Vu Thanh An
2023-06Building System for Pharmacy Management using DjangoHo, Van Phi; Tran, Nguyen Anh Quan
2024-01Building the Zentro real estate applicationHo, Van Phi; Huynh, Tan Hung
2023-01Customer Care SystemHo, Van Phi; Nguyen, Gia Thuan
2024-01Detecting Lane for CarsHo, Van Phi; Nguyen, Thanh Vinh
2022-12Job Recommendation SystemHo, Van Phi; Le, Thi Thanh Ha
2024-01Research and apply Blockchain to E-commerce websiteHo, Van Phi; Nguyen, Dai Ngo; Vo, Nguyen Nhat Truong
2022-12Smart Contract Based on Blockchain TechnologyHo, Van Phi; Nguyen, Thi My Ha
2021Transparent and genuine charity applicationHo, Van Phi; Le, Quang Duat
2024-01Vietnamese spelling correction using Neural NetworksHo, Van Phi; Nguyen, Anh Dung