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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A new algorithm for loading and visualizing huge corpora in the web-based corpus exploitation systemsHuynh, Cong Phap
2022-02A Novel Integrated Model for Positioning Indoor MISO VLC Exploiting Non-Light-of-Sight CommunicationVuong, Cong Dat; Tran, The Son; Duong, Huu Ai; Do, Trong Hop; Huynh, Cong Phap; Nguyen, Tan Hung; Nguyen, Vu Anh Quang; Tran, Thi Tra Vinh
2023-11Adaptive received signal strength-based localization and channel state information estimation model for indoor multiple-input multiple-output visible light communication using the distance vectorTran, The Son; Vuong, Cong Dat; Le, Minh Hoa; Zabih, Ghassemlooy; Duong, Huu Ai; Huynh, Cong Phap
2024-01AI-integrated Blockchain research for E-commerce systemsHuynh, Cong Phap; Vo, Tran Quoc Anh; Nguyen, Hoang Tuan Long
2022-05Building a mathematics model for lane-change technology of autonomous vehiclesPham, Anh Phuong; Huynh, Cong Phap; Quach, Hai Tho
2021Building a sentiment analysis system for foodsHuynh, Cong Phap; Nguyen, Van Chau
2024-01Building S-Blog applicationHuynh, Cong Phap; Le, Huynh Anh Tai
2021Building the electronic store websiteHuynh, Cong Phap; Tran, Thanh Nam; Tran, Thi Hong; Nguyen, Thi Hong
2023-12Certificate Generation and Validation Applying Blockchain and Digital SignaturesHuynh, Cong Phap; Do, Tan Tinh; Do, Thanh Tung
2020Conference proceedings ICCCI 2020: Computational Collective Intelligence - Volume 12496Nguyen, Ngoc Thanh; Hoang, Bao Hung; Huynh, Cong Phap; Dosam, Hwang; Bogdan, Trawiński; Gottfried, Vossen
2021-08Improving the neural network model in combination with a big semantic-enriched corpus for building an English - Vietnamese semantic-oriented machine translation systemNguyen, Van Binh; Huynh, Cong Phap; Dang, Dai Tho
2023-07Information Technology Skills Extractor for Job Descriptions in vku-ITSkills Dataset Using Natural Language ProcessingNguyen, Huu Nhat Minh; Nguyen, Ket Doan; Pham, Quoc Huy; Kieu, Xuan Loc; Hoang, Nguyen Vu; Nguyen, Huy; Huynh, Cong Phap
2024-01Integrate photo search and product suggestions into the E-commerce websiteHuynh, Cong Phap; Do, Le Han; Le, Thi Tuong Vy
2022-02Motion Planning Solution with Constraints Based on Minimum Distance Model for Lane Change Problem of Autonomous VehiclesQuach, Hai Tho; Huynh, Cong Phap; Pham, Anh Phuong
2023-03Node placement optimization under Q-Coverage and Q-Connectivity constraints in wireless sensor networksNguyen, Thi Hanh; Huynh, Thi Thanh Binh; Vu, Quang Truong; Nguyen, Phuc Tan; Huynh, Cong Phap
2023-02Peio Pharmacy Store Management Website - Combining Blockchain in Invoice ManagementHuynh, Cong Phap; Phung, Minh Hieu; Truong, Thanh Hoai
2019Research Challenges for State Transfer in Adaptive SystemsHuynh, Ngoc Tho; Duong, Thi Mai Nga; Huynh, Cong Phap
2022-12Research on Collaborative Filtering and Content–Based Filtering for Music FieldHuynh, Cong Phap; Ton, That Hoan Thien Tri
2022-12Research on Gan (Generative Adversarial Networks) and Build an Application to Hide Information in ImageHuynh, Cong Phap; Nguyen, Ngoc Anh Khoa; Ong, Buu Khanh
2020Towards a Land Records Administration Model in Vietnam using Blockchain TechnologyHa, Thi Thao; Huynh, Cong Phap