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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12A Chatbot Available to Answer VKU STUDENT Queries 24/7Huynh, Ngoc Tho; Tran, Thi Xuan Trang; Bui, Xuan Tuong; Nguyen, Duc Hoang Nam
2023-01Applying Blockchain in Online Voting SystemHuynh, Ngoc Tho; Ngo, Ngoc Huy
2024-01Botcoin: Automated Cryptocurrency Trading SystemHuynh, Ngoc Tho; Vo, Duc Hieu
2024-01Bubble sheet multiple choice scanner and test gradeHuynh, Ngoc Tho; Nguyen, Nam Thanh
2024-01Building a Remote Healthcare Monitoring SystemHuynh, Ngoc Tho; Nguyen, Thi Minh Anh; Hoang, Le Duy
2021Building amoda clothing application integrating ai and 3D technologyHuynh, Ngoc Tho; Bach, Xuan Sang
2024-01Building Healthcare applications integrated with Artificial IntelligenceHuynh, Ngoc Tho; Dang, Quang Hieu
2024-01Building plant leaf disease detection systemHuynh, Ngoc Tho; Le, Du Hoang Vu
2021Cloud storage service system - VKU cloud storageHuynh, Ngoc Tho; Nguyen, Doan Tung; Vo, Dinh Tien
2024-01Community fundraising system based on web 3.0 platformHuynh, Ngoc Tho; Dang, Ngoc Quang
2022-12Food Delivery ApplicationHuynh, Ngoc Tho; Hoang, Anh Truong
2022-12Implementing VPN Service and VPN Mobile ApplicationHuynh, Ngoc Tho; Vo, Dai Viet Duc
2022-12Location Lookup Map to Support Real Estate Proiects in SingaporeHuynh, Ngoc Tho; Tran, Quang Duong
2019Research Challenges for State Transfer in Adaptive SystemsHuynh, Ngoc Tho; Duong, Thi Mai Nga; Huynh, Cong Phap
2022-12The Online Grocery Ordering and Delivery SystemHuynh, Ngoc Tho; Tran, Thị Xuan Trang; Hoang, Thanh Tung; Nguyen, Huong Mai
2018Towards a state transfer model applied in adaptive software developmentHuynh, Ngoc Tho; Nguyen, Anh Tuan; Huynh, Cong Phap
2024-01Vietnamese specialty dishes regconition systemHuynh, Ngoc Tho; Nguyen, Minh Hieu