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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-07An Improved Transfer Learning-Based Approach for Detecting Abnormal Cervical Cells from Pap Smear Microscopic ImagesLe, Thi Thu Nga; Pham, Vu Thu Nguyet
2024-01Build a Fashion Business system with the support of Artificial Intelligence for usersLe, Thi Thu Nga; Nguyen, Nhat Cuong; Tran, Quang Huy
2024-01Build a website to Track and Schedule Medical ExaminationsLe, Thi Thu Nga; Do, Minh Duc; Nguyen, Ngoc Thuong
2024-01Build an Online Learning system based on Nextjs FrameworkLe, Thi Thu Nga; Le, Quoc Thai
2022-12Building a Clothing Sales System with a Fitting Room using Deep LearningLe, Thi Thu Nga; Pham, Van Dinh
2024-01Building a Fashion sales system integrated for trying on clothes onlineLe, Thi Thu Nga; Mai, Anh Hoa
2024-01Building a Multi-platform online entertainment application that supports user suggestionsLe, Thi Thu Nga; Nguyen, Khac Hoang
2024-01Building an Agricultural supply chain on the Blockchain platformLe, Thi Thu Nga; Pham, Van Nhat
2024-01Building an Intelligent Transportation Management SystemLe, Thi Thu Nga; Nguyen, Dang Quy
2022-08Combining Artificial Intelligence with the Internet of Things in Microalgae CultivationLe, Thi Thu Nga; Nguyen, Van Duong Trieu; Doan, Van Tinh
2021Combining artificial intelligence with the internet of things in microalge cultivationLe, Thi Thu Nga; Nguyen, Van Duong Trieu; Doan, Van Binh
2022-07Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Diseases Diagnosis on PlantsChu, Van Hoang; Le, Thi Thu Nga; Nguyen, Trung Hieu
2022-06Diseased shrimp detection based on transfer learningPhan, Viet Long; Pham, van Dinh; Le, Thi Thu Nga
2022-07Diseased Shrimp Detection based on Transfer LearningLe, Thi Thu Nga; Phan, Viet Long; Pham, Van Dinh; Tran, Thu Thuy
2022-07Face Mask-Wearing Classification Using Transfer Learning Technique with MobileNet V2Pham, Nguyen Minh Nhut; Nguyen, Duc Hien; Le, Thi Thu Nga
2022-12Immunization Registration Management System Based on AWS EC2Le, Thi Thu Nga; Pham, Thanh Dat
2023-05Management and Exchange of Digital Items Based on Blockchain TechnologyLe, Thi Thu Nga; Bui, Tan Lam; Le, Thi Hong Phuc
2023-01Management and Tranfer of Arts Based on Blockchain TechnologyLe, Thi Thu Nga; Pham, Van Nhat
2021Multi-platform social network integrating artificial intelligence support for diseaseases diagnosis on plantsLe, Thi Thu Nga; Nguyen, Trung Hieu; Chu, Van Hoang
2024-01Student Attendance System using Face RecognitionLe, Thi Thu Nga; Pham, Anh Tu