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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-10An Approach Based on Deep Learning that Recommends Fertilizers and Pesticides for Agriculture RecommendationNguyen, Ha Huy Cuong; Trinh, Trung Hai; Nguyen, Duc Hien; Bui, Thanh Khiet; Tran, Anh Kiet; Ho, Phan Hieu; Nguyen, Thanh Thuy
2022-04An effective method for clustering-based web service recommendationNguyen, Ha Huy Cuong; Bui, Thanh Khiet; Nguyen, Van Loi; Nguyen, Thanh Thuy
2020Automatic Attendance Using Facial RecognitionBui, Xuan Thien; Nguyen, Dang Khue Van; Nguyen, Xuan Pha; Nguyen, Ha Huy Cuong
2021Automatic Detection of Pineapple's Growth Stage using Deep LearningBui, Xuan Thien; Pham, Vu Thu Nguyet; Bui, Chuyen Van; Nguyen, Lao; Nguyen, Ha Huy Cuong
2024-01Build a website to schedule examination, monitor and health consultation with chatbot AINguyen, Ha Huy Cuong; Pham, The Hien
2022-12Building Agricultural Products Information Tracking AppNguyen, Ha Huy Cuong; Bui, Xuan Thien
2024-01Building an E-commerce websiteNguyen, Ha Huy Cuong; Le, Duc Minh Thuạn
2021Cyber Defense Mechanisms: Security, Privacy, and ChallengesGautam, Kumar; Dinesh, Kumar Saini; Nguyen, Ha Huy Cuong
2022-06Improved YOLO object detection algorithm to detect ripe pineapple phaseNguyen, Ha Huy Cuong; Trinh, Trung Hai; Meesad, Phayung; Nguyen, Thanh Thuy
2021-06Intelligent Fruit Recognition System Using Deep LearningNguyen, Ha Huy Cuong; Luong, Anh Tuan; Trinh, Trung Hai; Ho, Phan Hieu; Meesad, Phayung; Nguyen, Thanh Thuy
2021Learn deep learning methods on the problem of identifying points and student codesNguyen, Ha Huy Cuong; Tran, Binh Minh
2022-08Mangosteen Fruit Detection Using Improved Faster R-CNNTrinh, Trung Hai; Bui, Xuan Thien; Tran, Thu Huong; Nguyen, Ha Huy Cuong; Ninh, Khanh Duy
2022-12Research on Building Cloud Computing Systems to Store and Transcode VideosNguyen, Ha Huy Cuong; Do, Van Chien; Tran, Phuoc Tin
2022-12Simulate VKU Field on VRNguyen, Ha Huy Cuong; Luong, Tuan Anh
2022-12Single-image Dehazing using Detail Enhancement and Image FusionNguyen, Duc Hien; Nguyen, V. Tho; Nguyen, Q. Hieu; Nguyen, Ha Huy Cuong; Tran, T.M.Hanh; Tran, H.Vu
2020Smart Solution to Detect Images in Limited Visibility Conditions Based Convolutional Neural NetworksNguyen, Ha Huy Cuong; Nguyen, Duc Hien; Nguyen, Van Loi; Nguyen, Thanh Thuy