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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08An Incentive Mechanism for Federated Learning in Wireless Cellular network: An Auction ApproachLe, Thi Tra Huong; Nguyen, H. Tran; Yan, Kyaw Tun; Nguyen, Huu Nhat Minh; Shashi, Raj Pandey; Zhu, Han; Hong, Choong Seon
2024-01Applying Blockchain in building a Charitable Crowdfunding websiteNguyen, Huu Nhat Minh; Le, Thanh An; Le, Van Hieu
2023-12Building Dutu E-Commerce FloorNguyen, Huu Nhat Minh; Dang, Van Tuan; Dinh, Nhu Duc
2023-02Develop English VietNamese Machine Translation AppNguyen, Huu Nhat Minh; Tran, Trung Hieu
2021-09Distilling Knowledge in Federated LearningLe, Huy Q.; Shin, Jong Hoon; Nguyen, Huu Nhat Minh; Hong, Choong Seon
2022-01Edge-assisted Democratized Learning Towards Federated AnalyticsShashi, Raj Pandey; Nguyen, Huu Nhat Minh; Nguyen, Dang Tri; Kyi, Thar; Nguyen, H. Tran; Han, Zhu; Hong, Choong Seon
2023-07Information Technology Skills Extractor for Job Descriptions in vku-ITSkills Dataset Using Natural Language ProcessingNguyen, Huu Nhat Minh; Nguyen, Ket Doan; Pham, Quoc Huy; Kieu, Xuan Loc; Hoang, Nguyen Vu; Nguyen, Huy; Huynh, Cong Phap
2024-01Research and Design a Keyword Spotting Model with TinyML Technology Deployed on a MicrocontrollerNguyen, Huu Nhat Minh; Tran, Tuan Anh
2024-01Research, Design of Object Recognition and Tracking Robot Deployed on Raspberry PI Embedded ComputerNguyen, Huu Nhat Minh; Tran, Viet An
2022-12Smart Home Automation using IoT and AI TechnologiesNguyen, Huu Nhat Minh; Nguyen, Hung