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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12Applications to Detect Pathology on PlantsNguyen, Van Binh; Nguyen, Thi Phuong Thao
2023-12Build and Developing Autochess GameNguyen, Van Binh; Pham, Duc Trung; Pham, Tran Triem
2024-01Building a Book Recommendation SystemNguyen, Van Binh; Phan, Anh Quoc
2024-01Building a Cross-platform News Detection, Summary and Conversion SystemNguyen, Van Binh; Nguyen, Duc Huy
2021Building a m-commerce system with new technologyNguyen, Van Binh; Vo, Dang Lam
2022-12Building a Social Networt Application on Android Operating SystemNguyen, Van Binh; Pham, Tan Trung
2024-01Building Customer Service Chat PlatformNguyen, Van Binh; Tran, Thanh Hoang; Nguyen, Ngoc Nhan
2022-12Building Studios App in FlutterNguyen, Van Binh; Vo, Thi Minh Nguyet
2021Decentralized application that provides charting and portfolio managementNguyen, Van Binh; Nguyen, Quoc Toan; Tran, Minh Thich; Ngo, Quang Minh
2022-12Deep Leaning Research Builds an Applycation to Classify Images of Vegetables and Fruiits in AgriculturePham, Nguyen MInh Nhut; Nguyen, Van Binh
2022-12Football Field Managent System and SalesNguyen, Van Binh; Nguyen, Huu Tu; Nguyen, Van Hung
2021-08Improving the neural network model in combination with a big semantic-enriched corpus for building an English - Vietnamese semantic-oriented machine translation systemNguyen, Van Binh; Huynh, Cong Phap; Dang, Dai Tho
2023-12Meet your Mentor - the Bridge Between Students and MentorsNguyen, Van Binh; Tran, Quang Dat; Ngo, Thi Huong Giang
2021Đánh giá vai trò của kho ngữ liệu đối với chất lượng dịch tự động Tiếng ViệtNguyen, Van Binh; Huynh, Cong Phap