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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-04An effective method for clustering-based web service recommendationNguyen, Ha Huy Cuong; Bui, Thanh Khiet; Nguyen, Van Loi; Nguyen, Thanh Thuy
2023-08Analysis on the performance of reconfigurable intelligent surface-aided free-space optical link under atmospheric turbulence and pointing errorsDuong, Huu Ai; Dang, Dai Tho; Nguyen, Vu Anh Quang; Nguyen, Van Loi
2022-12Application of Recommendation System in Website Construction Sales Electronic ComponentsNguyen, Van Loi; Nguyen, Tien Dung
2022-12Applying a Recommendation System and Chatbox in Building a Fashion Sales WebsiteNguyen, Van Loi; Nguyen, Nhat Khanh; Bui, Van Anh Huy
2024-01Applying a Recommendation System in Building a Social Network WebsiteNguyen, Van Loi; Phan, Van Phung
2024-01Applying product Recommendation System in building a Bookstore websiteNguyen, Van Loi; Nguyen, Manh Ha; Le, Thi My Lan
2024-02Average symbol error rate analysis of reconfigurable intelligent surfaces based free-space optical link over Weibull distribution channelsDuong, Huu Ai; Dang, Dai Tho; Vuong, Cong Dat; Nguyen, Van Loi; Luong, Khanh Ty
2024-01Build an application to convert and update text right on images and postersNguyen, Van Loi; Do, Thanh Tuan
2024-01Building a 3D Shooting GameNguyen, Van Loi; Nguyen, Van Minh
2024-01Building a Youtube video Performance Optimization application for Android DevicesNguyen, Van Loi; Pham, Duong Minh Nhat
2021Building an e-commerce website using machine learning support to searchNguyen, Van Loi; Ho, Trong Khanh
2023-12Building an Integrated Online Conference System With Attendance Tracking and Concentration RecognitionNguyen, Van Loi; Phan, Van Quoc Tuan
2022-12Building an Online Video Sharing Platform Based on Microservices ArchitectureNguyen, Van Loi; Huynh, Cao Bao Long
2024-01Building and deploying Blockchain dapp (NFT API IPFS Web3)Nguyen, Van Loi; Tran, Quoc Nguyen
2021Develop software for state management in the health sector of danang cityNguyen, Van Loi; Le, Van Anh
2020-10-31Investigating the Role of User Experience in the Online Shopping system: An Extension of the Technology Acceptance ModelNgo, Hai Quynh; Nguyen, Thanh Hoai; Nguyen, Van Loi
2022-02Misalignment fading effects on theACCperformance of relay-assisted MIMO/FSO systems over atmospheric turbulence channelsDuong, Huu Ai; Nguyen, Van Loi; Luong, Khanh Ty
2024-02Performance enhancement of FSO link with RIS-aided over Weibull distribution for 5G/6G and IoT applicationsDuong, Huu Ai; Nguyen, Van Loi; Hoang, Huu Duc; Luong, Khanh Ty; Le, Viet Truong
2020Smart Solution to Detect Images in Limited Visibility Conditions Based Convolutional Neural NetworksNguyen, Ha Huy Cuong; Nguyen, Duc Hien; Nguyen, Van Loi; Nguyen, Thanh Thuy
2021-07The role of emotional experience and destination image on ecotourism satisfactionNgo, Hai Quynh; Nguyen, Thanh Hoai; Nguyen, Van Loi