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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-07Face Mask-Wearing Classification Using Transfer Learning Technique with MobileNet V2Pham, Nguyen Minh Nhut; Nguyen, Duc Hien; Le, Thi Thu Nga
2022-11Face Mask-Wearing Classification Using Transfer Learning Technique with MobileNet V2Pham, Nguyen Minh Nhut
2021Face recognition attendance systemNguyen, Thi Hanh; Tran, Van Quy
2023-06Facial Beauty Prediction with Vision TransformerTran, Duy; Le, Thang; Tran, Khoa; Le, Hoang; Do, Cuong; Ha, Thanh
2024-01Facial recognition and application in managementLuong, Khanh Ty; Tran, Thi My Linh
2024-01Facial recognition application for time and attendance managementVo, Hung Cuong; Pham, Duc Han Lam; Pham, Minh Hieu
2022Factor Affecting E-Wom Of Purchase Intention: A Case Study For Gen Z Customers When Watching Tiktok In Da Nang CityVan, Hung Trong; Phan, Thi Tuong Vi
2021The factors affect to online shopping adoption in lazada platform the study of 60S service chain companyDang, Thi Thanh Minh; Truong, Thi Nhung
2023-06Factors Affecting Booking Intention Through Online Travel Agent Platforms in Da Nang CityNgo, Hai Quynh; Tran, Minh Hieu
2021-06-25Factors Affecting Customer Engagement In Social Media: A Case Study Of Costume Rental Service In VietnamNguyen, Thi Bao Tram; Ngo, Hai Quynh
2022-11Factors Affecting Customer Intention to use Mobile Banking: A Case Study of Orient Commercial Joist Stock Bank ( OCB )Le, Phuoc Cuu Long; Nguyen, Duy Minh
2023-06Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction for FPT Play Box TV Service in Da NangVan, Trong Hung; Dao, Thi Thien Kim
2022Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction In The Virtual Supermarket: A Case Study Of Vinmart Supermarket In VietnamNguyen, Thanh Hoai; Le, Thi Hong Nhung
2021Factors affecting customers satisfaction when shopping on shopee e-commerce exchange. case study for DaNang people.Van, Hung Trong; Pham, Thi Anh Huyen
2022-08Factors Affecting Green Consumption Intention: A Case of Vietnamese ConsumersNguyen, Thanh Hoai; Huynh, Thi Hong Anh
2023-06Factors Affecting Online Purchase Intention: The Case of FM Style.Le, Thi Minh Duc; Nguyen, Thi Y Nhi
2022-03Factors Affecting Organizational InnovativenessTran, Pham Huyen Trang; Nguyen, Thi Thao
2022Factors Affecting Purchase Intention Of Sustainable Fashion Consumer In VietnamNguyen, Thi Kieu Trang; Ngo, Thi Thanh Tien
2022Factors Affecting Purchase Intention Through Facebook: The Case Of Dngbike CompanyLe, Thi Minh Duc; Nguyen, Thi Hong Vinh
2021-05Factors Affecting the Behavioral Intention to use Virtual Supermarket: An Integrated Conceptual FrameworkNguyen, Thanh Hoai; Ngo, Hai Quynh; Duong, Thi Thu Trang