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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017R-IoT: A Framework for IoTs Reconfiguration in CloudNguyen, Anh Tuan; Le, Trung Quan; Tran, Quang Hai Bang; Huynh, Van Dang
2024-01Radius server security application to build LAN system for ABC CompanyNguyen, Si Thin; Le, Thi Thuy Tien; Nguyen, Van Thang
2012Real-Time Embedded Systems: Open-Source Operating Systems PerspectiveIvan, Cibrario Bertolotti; Gabriele, Manduchi
2019Recommendation in Social Networks with Consideration of TrustDoan, Trung Son
2022-12Recommendation System for BookStore E-Commerce WebsiteNguyen, Thu Huong; Pham, Viet Sy
2023-02Recommendation System for E- Commerce WebsiteNguyen, Si Thin; Nguyen, Ngoc Quang; Nguyen, Trong Tam
2021Recommendation system for e-commerce websiteVo, Van Luong; Ho, Nhat Huy
2022-08Recommendation System with Artificial Intelligence for Welding Quality ImprovementTran, Trung Tin; Jang, Hee-Dong; Nguyen, Vu Anh Quang
2022-12Reseach and Implement Artificial Intelligence to Attendance be Facial RecognitionTran, Van Dai; Vo, Duy Thanh; Nguyen, Thanh Tam
2021Research and application of ai recognition and control in indoor fire preventionNguyen, Anh Tuan; Nguyen, Thi Nga
2022-12Research and Application of Blockchain in Digital Event TicketsNguyen, Ngoc Huyen Tran; Nguyen, Van Viet; Le, Cao Nguyen
2022-12Research and Application of Blockchain in E-CommerceNguyen, Si Thin; So, Minh Hung
2021Research and application of blockchain in electronic health recordsHa, Thi Minh Phuong; Truong, Thi Mai Thanh; Nguyen, Thi Hoang Tham
2022-12Research and Application of Blockchain Technology in Election SystemLe, Van Minh; Tran, Cong Rin; Do, Hong Phuc
2023-01Research and Application of Objectives to Movie RecommendationVo, Van Luong; Tran, Thi Huong Ngan
2024-01Research and Application of Zigbee Network in Smart HomesNguyen, Vu Anh Quang; Dinh, Gia Bao
2024-01Research and apply AI technology to Ecommerce Trading FloorsNguyen, Thanh Cam; Vu, Tien Dat; Le, Ngoc Huy Hoang
2024-01Research and Apply Blockchain Technology and AI in Managing and Trading Digital AssetsNguyen, Duc Hien; Ho, Duc Linh; Cap, Van Duc
2022-12Research and Apply Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain ManagementDang, Dai Tho; Mai, Xuan Thuong
2024-01Research and apply Blockchain technology in Supply Chain ManagementTran, Van Dai; Vuong, Thong; Phan, Duc Manh