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dc.contributor.authorTran, Quang Linh-
dc.contributor.authorLam, Gia Huy-
dc.contributor.authorDuong, Van Binh-
dc.contributor.authorVuong, Cong Dat-
dc.contributor.authorDo, Trong Hop-
dc.descriptionThe 10th Conference on Information Technology and its Applications; Topic: Image and Natural Language Poster; pp. 65-74.vi_VN
dc.description.abstractDiacritic restoration is a challenging problem in natural lan- guage processing (NLP). With diacritic restoration, one can text faster and easier. Diacritic restoration is also helpful in making use of diacritic- missing texts, which are normally discarded in many NLP applications. This paper deals with the diacritic restoration problem for Vietnamese text. Three state-of-the-art deep learning models including Gated Re- current Unit, Bidirectional Long-short Term Memory and Bidirectional Gated Recurrent Unit have been examined for the problem and the last one turned out to be the best among them. Besides deep learning models, it was found in this paper that word tokenization, which is the final pre-processing step applied on the data before feeding it to deep learning models also have influences on the final accuracy. Between two examined word tokenization methods: morpheme-based tokenization and phrasebased tokenization, the former yield better results regardless of the applied deep learning models. The experimental results show that the combination of morpheme-based tokenization and Bidirectional-GRU achieve the best performance of diacritic restoration with the Bleu-score of 88.06%.vi_VN
dc.publisherDa Nang Publishing Housevi_VN
dc.subjectDiacritic Restorationvi_VN
dc.subjectNeuron Networkvi_VN
dc.subjectMachine Translationvi_VN
dc.subjectNatural Language Processingvi_VN
dc.subjectWord Tokenizationvi_VN
dc.titleA Comparison of several Deep Learning based Models for Diacritic Restoration Problem in Vietnamese Textvi_VN
dc.typeWorking Papervi_VN
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