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Title: TOE Model Analysis for AI Vision Open API
Authors: Gim, Gwangyong
Jang, Hyun-Ho
Phuong, Huy Tung
Vo, Thi Thanh Thao
Issue Date: Sep-2022
Publisher: IGI Global
Abstract: Recently, there is a growing number of developers have developed software with utilizing open API. This has resulted in much support for the introduction and delivery of open API not only at the corporate level but also at the government level to promote social development through cost reduction and development of new technologies. However, in introducing Open API, an organization must also consider its internal and external environment and individual dimensions, but no research has been conducted on these kinds of factor. This study seeks to discuss about the importance of factors through qualitative analysis and find out which of the various factors should be considered first by the organization to introduce open API in the organization.
Description: International Journal of Software Innovation (IJSI); Vol. 10, Issue: 1; pp: 16
URI: http://10.4018/IJSI.297509
ISSN: 2166-7179
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