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dc.contributor.authorTruong, Thi Vien-
dc.contributor.authorNguyen, Thi Nhu Quynh-
dc.identifier.issn2278-7461 (e)-
dc.descriptionInternational Journal of Engineering Inventions; Volume 12, Issue 6; pp: 42-46vi_VN
dc.description.abstractVietnam e-commerce has changed sharply in recent years. The investment in technology infrastructure, the legal corridor as well as the awareness of enterprises on e-commerce application has been significant improvement. However, sales from e-commerce activities, especially online purchases, are still not commensurate with the potential because consumers are still hesitant and psychologically not ready in online shopping. Skin Follicle is considered one of the few local that have conditions big develop e-commerce print allfour aspects big develop e-commerce print business and social management activities, including: technology infrastructure, legal infrastructure, development policies, as well as human resource infrastructure. Based on the application of technology acceptance model (TAM) and business environment organization technology model (TOE), the article continues to examine 200 cosmetic business enterprises in Danang city, to explore and evaluate the factors that influence e-commerce application behavior in their businesses. This article presents the model of research with the factors affecting e-commerce application behavior in cosmetic business in Danang city including: barriers of application, strategic benefits, support services.vi_VN
dc.publisherInternational Journal of Engineering Inventionsvi_VN
dc.subjectcosmetics business enterprisevi_VN
dc.subjectcosmetics businessesvi_VN
dc.titleResearch model and reality of e-commerce application in cosmetic businesses, case study in Danang cityvi_VN
dc.typeWorking Papervi_VN
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