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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A new algorithm for loading and visualizing huge corpora in the web-based corpus exploitation systemsHuynh, Cong Phap
2023-07A New Approach for Enhancing MVDR Beamformer’s PerformanceNguyen, Ba Huy; Pham, Tuan Anh; Quan, Trong The; Dang, Dai Tho
2023-07A New ConvMixer-Based Approach for Diagnosis of Fault Bearing Using Signal SpectrumVu, Manh Hung; Nguyen, Van Quang; Tran, Thi Thao; Pham, Van Truong
2018A New Matching Approach based on Benefit of Broker, Buyer and Seller in E-commerceLe, Dien Tuan; Tran, The Vu
2018A New Proof-of-Stake Sharding Architecture for Public BlockchainsPham, Van Cam
2021-01-13A Novel Algorithm for Estimating Fast-Moving Vehicle Speed in Intelligent Transport SystemsDo, Trong Hop; Tran, Dang Khoa; Hoang, Dinh Quang; Vuong, Cong Dat; Hoang, Trong Minh; Dao, Nhu Ngoc; Lee, Chunghyun; Cho, Sungrae
2022-02A Novel Integrated Model for Positioning Indoor MISO VLC Exploiting Non-Light-of-Sight CommunicationVuong, Cong Dat; Tran, The Son; Duong, Huu Ai; Do, Trong Hop; Huynh, Cong Phap; Nguyen, Tan Hung; Nguyen, Vu Anh Quang; Tran, Thi Tra Vinh
2020-11A Novel Overflowing Mechanism for B-tree Index on Flash MemoryHo, Van Phi
2022-07A Process of Interactive 3D VR Application BuildingNguyen, Van Quang; Dinh, Ngoc Van; Ngo, Hong Giang; Vo, Dinh Huy; Ma, Thi Chau
2021A research of factors influence on consumer's behavioral intention toward using online buying applications in Viet NamNguyen, Thanh Hoài; Pham, Thi Kim Loan
2023-03A Research on Factors Affecting Purchase Intent to buy Industrial Cleaning Chemicals on Social Media Platforms in Da NangVo, Thi Thanh Thao; Phung, Quoc Linh
2021A Research on Organizational Culture in Relation to a Business’s Innovation CapabilityDang, Thi Thanh Minh; Dinh, Nguyen Khanh Phuong
2023-07A Spectral Mask - Based on Method for Applying into Generalized Sidelobe Canceller BeamformerNguyen, Ba Huy; Pham, Tuan Anh; Quan, Trong The
2019A Study Of Dual Microphone Array For Speech Enhancement In Noisy EnvironmentQuan, Trong The; Nguyen, Duc Thien; Dang, Khac Binh; Pham, Tuan Anh
2022A Study Of Factors Affecting Customer'S Intention To Continue Using Mobile Banking Services At Bank OCB - Da Nang Branch ContextTran, Thao An; Tran, Minh Phuong
2022-06A Study of Factors Affecting Customer's Intention to Continue using Mobile Banking Services at Bank OCB - Da Nang Branch ContextTran, Thao An; Tran, Minh Phuong
2022A Study Of Factors Affecting Ewom-Creating Behavior - The Case At Vietnam Smart City Joint Stock CompanyDang, Thi Thanh Minh; Truong, Thi Dieu Luong
2022A Study Of Factors Affecting The Customer Satisfaction To Dai Hung Brick Products - Dai Hung Joint Stock CompanyTran, Thao An; Nguyen, Thi Kim Trang
2022A Study Of Factors Affecting The Customer Satisfaction To E-Commerce Website Design Services Of Tong Luc Communication Technology Co., LtdTran, Thao An; Pham, Thi Thuy Linh
2022-08A Study of Filter-Based Feature Selection in Software Fault PredictionHa, Thi Minh Phuong; Le, Thi My Hanh; Nguyen, Thanh Binh