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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Data and Computer Communications (Tenth Edition)William, Stallings
2006Data Mining: Concepts and TechniquesJiawei, Han; Micheline, Kamber
2015Data Science & Big Data Analytics: Discovering, Analyzing, Visualizing and Presenting DataEMC Education Services
2021Data Science for Marketing Analytics: A Practical Guide to Forming a Killer Marketing Strategy through Data Analysis with Python (Second Edition)Mirza, Rahim Baig; Gururajan, Govindan; Vishwesh, Ravi Shrimali
1992Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C(Second Edition)Mark, Allen Weiss
2014Data Structures Using C (Second Edition)Reema, Thareja
2011Data Warehousing Fundamentals For It Professionals (Second Edition)Paulraj, Ponniah
2019Database System Concepts (Seventh Edition)Abraham, Silberschatz; Henry, F. Korth; S., Sudarshan
2011Database Systems Design, Implementation, And ManagementCarlos, Coronel; Steven, Morris; Peter, Rob
2015Database Systems: A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation, and Management (Sixth Edition - Global Edition)Thomas, Connolly; Carolyn, Begg
2018-12Dạy học "Cây" bằng phương pháp phát hiện và giải quyết vấn đềLê, Thị Mai Thảo
2021Decentralized application that provides charting and portfolio managementNguyen, Van Binh; Nguyen, Quoc Toan; Tran, Minh Thich; Ngo, Quang Minh
2024-01Decentralized music listening website buildingNguyen, Duc Hien; Le, Van Thang
2022-12Decentralized Music Player App DevelopmentTran, Van Dai; Nguyen, Duy Sy; Nguyen, Thi Nguyet Minh
2017Decision making operations: arithmetic mean, geometric mean, harmonic mean in user-based collaborative filtering of multi-criteria recommender systemsHuynh, Minh Tri; Tran, The Vu; Huynh, Huu Hung; Huynh, Xuan Hiep
2022-07Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Diseases Diagnosis on PlantsChu, Van Hoang; Le, Thi Thu Nga; Nguyen, Trung Hieu
2019Deep feature extractors for small object detection in aerial imagesNguyen, Hai Q.; Tran, Vinh P.; Nguyen, D. Vo; Nguyen, Khang
2022-12Deep Leaning Research Builds an Applycation to Classify Images of Vegetables and Fruiits in AgriculturePham, Nguyen MInh Nhut; Nguyen, Van Binh
2016Deep LearningIan, Goodfellow; Yoshua, Bengio; Aaron, Courville
2017Deep Learning for Computer Vision with Python (1st Edition)Starter, Bundle; Dr. Adrian, Rosebrock