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Title: Assessment of Output Competency of International Studies Graduates in Vietnam: Solutions for Training Program Development
Authors: Phan, Thi Yen
Dang, Vinh
Keywords: assessment
outcome standard
International Studies
learning outcome
output competency
Issue Date: Sep-2021
Publisher: Asian Journal of Research in Education and Social Sciences
Abstract: Assessing the output capacity of International Studies graduates is an important step in ensuring the quality of training programs. Educational institutions design training programs in association with educational goals and proactive for integration in order to improve training quality, ensure that graduates achieve the programme expected learning outcomes, competency-based quality management. The output competencies of students reflects the reality of the school's training process, especially in the global competitive trend, universities have been paying special attention to training quality human resources quality, competitiveness and capacity to participate in the international labor market. The assessment of the achievement of the student's learning outcomes is the core evidence for the accreditation of training programs, which is not only a domestic requirement but also a requirement of international accreditation. Therefore, developing a tool to assess the output capacity of international studies graduates to help educational institutions assess the level of achievement of the published output standards. The results of the students' outputs help the school looking back on the entire training process and this is the basis for improving the quality of the training program after each cohort.
Description: Asian Journal of Research in Education and Social Sciences; Vol. 3, No. 3, pp:1-15.
ISSN: 2682-8502
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