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Title: A Compact Version of EfficientNet
Authors: Hoang, Van Thanh
Tu, Minh Phuong
Kang-Hyun, Jo
Keywords: EfficientNet
AutoML MNAS framework
Issue Date: Jul-2023
Publisher: Springer Nature
Abstract: EfficientNet is a convolutional neural network architecture that was created by doing a neural architecture search with the AutoML MNAS framework, which optimized both accuracy and efficiency. It is based on MobileNetV2’s inverted bottleneck residual blocks, as well as squeeze-and-excite blocks. With far lower parameter computation burdens on the ImageNet challenge, EfficientNet may compete with the best. This paper provides a mobile version of EfficientNet that has accuracy similar to the ImageNet dataset but runs nearly twice as fast.
Description: Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems (LNNS, volume 734); CITA: Conference on Information Technology and its Applications; pp: 297-305.
ISBN: 978-3-031-36886-8
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