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Title: Enhancing Learning of Anatomy Systems through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
Authors: Nguyen, Le Quoc Viet
Le, Hoc Minh
Nguyen, Tan Khoi
Keywords: 3D Human Body Simulation
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Anatomy Training
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Da Nang Publishing House
Abstract: Anatomy is the branch of biological science that extremely focuses on structured parts of the human body. In recent times, threre has been an increasing interest in applying augmented reality to accelerate the learning process of this science subject which cannot get through learning by book only. In this study, we present a process of building a prototype of an educational application for anatomy training with the use of a 3D model in Virtual Reality. Our project aims to create an antomy training application that brings immersive expericnce while studying detailed forms of anatomy. In this article, we not only review the materials and methods used in the construction of the anatomical 3D atlas but also illustrate the development functionally and a user interface for the application. Results of our assessment at the current stage of development allowed us to formualate several directions of further advancement and improvement in the future.
Description: The 10th Conference on Information Technology and its Applications; Topic: Image and Natural Language Processing; pp.101-111
ISBN: 978-604-84-5998-7
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