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Title: Path Planning for UAV in Collecting Crack Images on The Concrete Surface for Structural Health Assessment of Bridge
Authors: Luong, Hoang Minh
Luong, Chieu Xuan
Nguyen, Thanh Danh
Ngo, Binh Thanh
Keywords: Autonomous navigation
Bridge surface inspection
Path Planning
Issue Date: Jul-2022
Publisher: Da Nang Publishing House
Abstract: The primary aim of this paper is to explore the design and integration of a multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle. The UAV has a mission to collect crack images to check the status of the concrete bridge surface. The research team proposes a solution to build a flight path in order to optimize flight energy in surveying, measuring, drawing, and mapping cracks on the structure surface. The UAV is integrated with the route planning algorithm RPA (Route Plan-ning Algorithm). This algorithm is installed on the Raspberry pi embedded computer based on the developed DroneKit-Python library, ensuring optimum power requirements and the ability to complete the crack data collection. In addition, the algorithm developed on the embedded computer integrated on the drone gives the drone the ability to switch flight modes to meet special requirements during flight, and automatically return to the typical flight path.
Description: The 11th Conference on Information Technology and its Applications; Topic: Software Engineering and Information System; pp.240-249.
ISSN: 978-604-84-6711-1
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