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Title: Determinants of Intention to Use Ride-Hailing Services in Vietnam: An Integrated Model of Perceived Value and Trust Transfer Theory
Authors: Vo, Thi Thanh Thao
Van, Hung Trong
Issue Date: Sep-2022
Publisher: IGI Global
Abstract: The rise of ride-hailing services—a unique transportation technology that has recently been progressively popular worldwide—has revolutionized the transportation business. They currently make up the majority of platform economy activities and are crucial to the functioning of our cities. Because it is crucial to the long-term financial performance and widespread service promotion of ride-hailing service firms, it is vital to comprehend the intention to use ride-hailing services. This study aims to investigate the factors influencing people's intentions to use ride-hailing services in Vietnam using the value-based adoption model (VAM). It will also look at the impact of the network effect and the trust transfer process in ride-hailing services to determine how these factors interact.
Description: International Journal of Software Innovation (IJSI); Vol. 10, Issue: 1; pp:1-10.
URI: http://10.4018/IJSI.313382
ISSN: 2166-7179
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