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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
202210 dấu ấn, sự kiện nổi bật năm 2022VKU
20202D-CNN Based Segmentation of Ischemic Stroke Lesions in MRI ScansPir, Masoom Shah; Hikmat, Khan; Uferah, Shafi; Saif ul, Islam; Mohsin, Raza; Tran, The Son; Le, Minh Hoa
2015300 câu bài tập ngữ pháp TOEICNguyen, Duc
2015300 từ vựng TOEIC cho trình độ mất gốc-
20154 bước giải quyết vấn đềNguyễn, Vũ Phương Nam
2023-06A Buffer Based Scheme for SQLite on NAND Flash MemoryHo, Van Phi; Tran, Van Dai; Le, Kim Trong
2022-12A Chatbot Available to Answer VKU STUDENT Queries 24/7Huynh, Ngoc Tho; Tran, Thi Xuan Trang; Bui, Xuan Tuong; Nguyen, Duc Hoang Nam
2023-07A Compact Version of EfficientNetHoang, Van Thanh; Tu, Minh Phuong; Kang-Hyun, Jo
2021-06-13A Comparative Analysis of Filter-based Feature Selection Methods for Software Fault PredictionHa, Thi Minh Phuong; Le, Thi My Hanh; Nguyen, Thanh Binh
2023-07A Comparative Study of Wrapper Feature Selection Techniques in Software Fault PredictionNguyen, Thanh Long; Ha, Thi Minh Phuong; Nguyen, Thanh Binh
2019A comparative study on application of multi-task cascaded convolutional network for robust face recognitionNguyen, Oanh; Nguyen, Khoa; Pham, Tuan V.
2021A Comparison of several Deep Learning based Models for Diacritic Restoration Problem in Vietnamese TextTran, Quang Linh; Lam, Gia Huy; Duong, Van Binh; Vuong, Cong Dat; Do, Trong Hop
2022-08A Conceptual Framework for Determining Metaverse Adoption in Vietnam IT EnterprisesVan, Hung Trong; Nguyen, Si Thin; Vu, Thi Quynh Anh; Nguyen, Thi Kieu Trang; Vo, Thi Thanh Thao
2020-08A Data Recovery Technique Improves on Hybrid Mapping for NAND Flash MemoryTran, Van Dai; Park, Dong-Joo
2020A Dual-Microphone Speech Enhancement Based Coherence and Speech Presence ProbabilityQuan, Trong The; Pham, The Anh
2017A General Model for Quality Analyzing of Functional and Non-functional Features in Real-Time SystemsNguyen, Trinh Dong
2006A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice (10th Edition)Michael, Armstrong
2019A hybrid model of least squares support vector regression and particle swarm optimization for Vietnam stock market analysisLe, Thuy Linh; Truong, Thi Thu Ha
2024-06A Metaheuristic Algorithm for the Steiner Tree Problem in Graphs toward Optimizations for Wireless Sensor NetworksDang, Dai Tho; Le, Tang Phu Quy; Ho, Sy Bao Nhan; Hoang, Tan Phu Quoc
2023-07A Model for Alliance Partner Selection Based on GM (1, 1) and DEA Frameworks - Case of Vietnamese Coffee IndustryNguyen, Ngoc Thang; Phan, Van Thanh; Duong, Thi Ai Nhi; Le, Thanh Ha; Pham, Thao Vy; Pham, Nghiem Hong Ngoc Bich; Kieu, Thanh Giang